Recycled-Art Activities to Enjoy With Your Family in Huntsville, TX

Activities With Your Family | Huntsville, TX

If the heat of summer is keeping you and your family indoors, making your own at-home fun is only a recycling bin away. From your friends at Wiesner of Huntsville, here are some creative ways you and the kids can use common recycling to make your own cars, planes, and boats to take on an imaginary indoor adventure.

Toilet paper tubes

Instead of throwing away that bin of cardboard tubes, put them to good use by using them for crafts. With a little paint, some markers, a few stickers, and some wheels made from applesauce pouch lids, your kids can create their own paper-tube roadsters and race them through the living room.

Cereal boxes

A cereal box, or other tall food boxes, easily converts into a dashing double-decker bus for a trip around an imaginary city. And it’s big enough for action figures and other toys to fit into, allowing for all kinds of adventures.


To make an airplane, all your family has to do is gather up some clothespins and Popsicle sticks. The clothespins make up the body and the sticks make up the wings and propeller. With a little glue, you’ll be flying in no time.

Egg carton

Sail the high seas with a ship made from egg cartons. Create masts by poking straws into the carton and gluing paper to the straws to create colorful sails. Best of all, this boat will really float in a bathtub or sink.

Shoe boxes

A little construction paper on shoe boxes and you have the cars of a train. Tie them together with some string and the kids can take their stuffed animals for a spin.

We hope you and your family have a fun summer. And if your real car is in need of some not-so-imaginary maintenance, be sure to bring it to Wiesner of Huntsville for a checkup.

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