The Best Restaurants near Huntsville, TX

Restaurants Near Huntsville | Huntsville, TX

If you’re looking for the perfect place to take your significant other for a date this weekend, you’re in luck. The Huntsville, Texas, area has plenty of upscale restaurants to choose from. Here’s a list of our picks for the best restaurants near Huntsville.

1836 Steakhouse

1836 is the premiere steakhouse of Huntsville, with a menu featuring fresh seafood dishes like snapper ponchartrain and shrimp scampi, charcuterie boards, and of course top-grade steaks. You’ll love the delicious food just as much as the atmospheric dining room.

Amore Seafood

Another great place to get delicious seafood is Amore, located in Montgomery. The elegant plating of Amore’s fresh oysters, lamb legs, lobster, and other dishes will have you reaching for your phone to snap a photo. Plus, Amore features live music for a perfect date night.


The Woodlands’ Cureight boasts an innovative menu with dishes like butter poached crab with kimchi pancakes, king crab with truffle gnocchi, and a key lime tart flavored with juniper. If you’re looking for a unique and delicious meal, try Cureight.

The Inn at Dos Brisas

The menus at Dos Brisas rotate each season to offer the freshest ingredients possible. The locally sourced entrees are paired with delicious veggies like Texas trumpet mushrooms, argan oil mole, and preserved cherries. You’ll love the complex flavors of the food and the beautiful surroundings of the inn.

Be sure to pay us a visit at Wiesner of Huntsville and let us know if you agree with our fine dining picks!

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