The Chevy Beast is Fearsome 650-Horsepower Off-Roader

The Chevy Beast is Fearsome 650-Horsepower Off-Roader | Huntsville, TX

Chevrolet recently unveiled a variety of awesome off-road concepts at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, which were made to show what you could get by combining the brand’s truck with Chevrolet Performance components. By far the coolest of these was The Chevy Beast, a four-passenger off-roader based on a modified Silverado chassis.

Equipped with a Chevrolet Performance LT4 supercharged V8 crate engine, this concept produces 650 horsepower, rides on 37-inch all-terrain tires wrapped around 20-inch beadlock wheels, has 13.5 inches of ground clearance, and boasts racing shocks with a long-travel adjustable suspension system. If ever there was a vehicle that could get anywhere, this is it.

It wasn’t the only concept that Chevy showed off, though. The automaker also introduced a variety of go-anywhere vehicles like the 2022 Tahoe Z71 Overlanding concept, 2022 Colorado Z71 Off-Road Performance Edition, and 2022 Colorado ZR2 Extreme Off-Road. It also revealed the SuperMatic™ 6L80-E six-speed automatic transmission that off-road project vehicle builders can use to take Chevy vehicles to yet another level.

Most of these vehicles will never be seen on or even off the road, as they are not going into production. But they do demonstrate something important: the excellent foundation that is the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, and the awesome things you can do with Chevrolet Performance parts.

If you like trucks and you like to tinker, let us know about your projects at Wiesner of Huntsville in Huntsville, Texas — and take a look at the latest Chevy trucks while you’re at it!

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