Wiesner of Huntsville | Huntsville, TX

Wiesner of Huntsville | Huntsville, TX

Anybody can sell a car, but at Wiesner of Huntsville, you are treated like family. And as General
Manager Clint McLaren adds, “Nothing else goes above that in my book!” Clint has been
general manager at Wiesner’s for almost thirteen years and through these years has helped to
build it into a strong and robust business of which they are proud. And during this time, he has
come to know that even though vehicles and pricing can be the same across the board, it’s the
people that make a difference. “Wiesner of Huntsville is not a transactional-based business as
in a larger city where only the bottom-line counts. With Huntsville being a smaller community,
I’m going to see our customers at church, the hardware store, and at local events. I want to be
able to look our customers in the eye and know that we have treated them with fairness and
integrity while providing top notch service and quality in all aspects of their Wiesner

Wiesner sells and services Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac in addition to all used makes and
models. And to keep current with trends and new products, they will soon be offering the new
EV vehicles in the Cadillac, Hummer, Buick, and GMC and Chevy truck lines. These electric
vehicles are growing in popularity, so they will sell and service these as soon as they are

Asked about how Covid has altered the car industry, Clint gave several examples on how
Wiesner has adapted to changes forced by the pandemic. Changes have centered around how
a customer shops for a car as well as how supplies have been affected. In the past Wiesner’s
would regularly have five hundred vehicles on the ground. Because of supply problems due to
plant closings and social distancing, a typical inventory on-site today is eight vehicles. The
oldest car on the lot is no more than 14-15 days old. He explained that a factory looks at the
national average and if you have a vehicle over 11 days old on the lot, it hurts your inventory
supply because you are considered to have over the national average. They are extremely strict
on this. Clint adds, “We have all had two years of adaptation as new protocols have come into

As mentioned, the way to shop for a vehicle has changed. The new questions in shopping for a
vehicle are “Do you have any?” and “How long does it take to order a car?” Clint explains that
seventy-five percent of cars and trucks sold right now are sold pre-delivery. With the lack of
inventory and the need to make vehicles available more quickly, Wiesner has contracted with a
company that provides customers the ability to see new cars and trucks online the very night
production is completed. All details of the vehicle are provided including images of the interior
and exterior and all pertinent information to help the customer make an informed decision in a
timely manner.

With supply and demand issues, this could really boost the profit margins way over and above
the MSRP. According to Clint, many auto dealerships are charging up to $10,000 over MSRP,
but Wiesner has not done any market price adjustments. “We’ve been complemented because
of this and, actually, members of General Motors have sent their own customers to us because
of this. So, I’ve held my own on MSRP. We are profitable, but not as profitable as other
dealerships due to the fact that I will not gouge a customer. And hopefully, when considering
their next vehicle, customers will come back to us.”

After a vehicle purchase, Wiesner is proud to offer quality service for the buyer as well as for
any customer needing topnotch care for their vehicle. For the past year they have been
revamping their service department to provide new and updated methods with customer
convenience and satisfaction in view. Their services have become more mobile. This means
that in many cases when a customer drives up, a service department representative can go out
to their car and analyze the problem on-site. Information, photos, quotes, and updates can
also be sent to the customer via text, phone, or email. The service issues are listed with options
to be checked and “added to the cart” for repair and servicing according to the customers

Wiesner also maintains a selection of used cars which fall into various categories. Certified
inspections are for vehicles that are brought as close to factory specs as possible. The car or
truck may have a dent or scratch, but other than that, it is considered to be in topnotch
condition. Other used vehicles on the lot may fall into one of two other inspection levels, but
what this means for the used car shopper is that there is a price range available to fit the

Wiesner prides itself in being an active member in the Huntsville Community. For a number of
years, during football season, the company has provided the pre-game meal for the Huntsville
Hornets. An article in Postcards Magazine entitled Do You Know? Clint McLaren, dated October
30, 2018, gives a detailed account of how Clint cooks up a hot and finger-licking meal of smoked
chicken, baked beans, and all the trimmings to satisfy the voracious appetites of these Hornets
on game day. This is something that Wiesner provides and Clint, being the people-person he is,
is on-site to cook and deliver the goods! This is who Clint is and represents how he has led
Wiesner Huntsville to be an auto dealership where the customer comes first. Integrity,
honesty, and value. Wiesner of Huntsville.

Wiesner of Huntsville is located at 230 I H 45 N Huntsville, Texas 77320-3018. Hours are 8AM8PM Monday – Friday, 8AM-7PM Saturday, closed on Sunday. Sales (936)-755-4582; Service
(936) 755-4583. Website: www.wiesnerhuntsville.com. Facebook page: Wiesner of Huntsville.

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