Are Strange Smells Coming From Your Air Conditioner?

Are Strange Smells Coming From Your Air Conditioner? | Huntsville, TX

It’s time to organize and tidy up your car for spring cleaning. After months of ignoring your air conditioner, the arrival of warmer weather will have you reaching for the AC every time you get in the car. If you notice a foul odor coming from your vehicle’s AC, take it in to Wiesner of Huntsville for expert service from trained technicians.

Sour Smells

A dirty cabin filter clogged with dust and bacteria will lead to a sour stench. Simply replacing the filter should eliminate the smell and get your AC back on track.


If turning on your air conditioner causes a fragrant mildew aroma to waft throughout your car, it could be due to the under-the-hood air intake vent being clogged with dust and wet debris, which over time will grow mold and mildew if not replaced.

Chemical Odors

Leaking refrigerant out of your AC evaporator is a common cause of a chemical-like aroma emitting from your AC. The refrigerant’s sticky oil will trap debris, dirt, and dust onto the evaporator fins, which will limit airflow. If your fan is blowing but no cool air is coming out, leaking refrigerant is likely your problem.

Sweet Scents

A maple syrup smell is a common indication that your heater core sprung a leak. Don’t be fooled by the sweet scent; bring your car in for service at your earliest convenience.

Any unusual odor is cause to take your vehicle in to Wiesner of Huntsville for a thorough AC inspection.

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